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Tender Notification
Note: Website Committee is not responsible for tender notices displayed below if there are any typographical errors or any mistake in reference number with date in any specific notification. Vendors are requested to contact the concerned PI/ OIC/ administrator directly for any inconvenience or query. Vendors may also click on feedback section of this website to enroll their grievances if any:


Sealed quotations are invited by Prof. P. Hazra, Co-P.I. & D.D.O., DBT Bio-CARe Project from the bonafied suppliers for supply of the chemicals Download notice & chemical list
Ref. No. AINP/BCKV/02/14-15 Date: 01.04.14: Sealed quotations are invited for hiring car (Luxury Taxi) for local trips and various distance places in West Bengal as and when required/monthly bases.  Download
Ref. No. AINP/BCKV/01/14-15 Date: 01.04.14: Inviting quotation for refilling of high quality industrial gases and commercial nitrogen gas in the existing cylinder to run the gas chromatographic instruments and Turbo Vap evaporator  Download
Extention the last date of quotation submission.  Download
Quotation is invited in sealed envelopes from reputed suppliers for the supply of the under mention equipments(Ref: SKM / Purchase / 1 / 14 Date: 12. 03. 2014).  Download
No. Admn/CSS-275/1928 Dated: 21.03.2014: Sealed competitive quotations are invited for Annual Maintenance Contract of LAN line connected to the Computers of different establishments of this Viswavidyalaya: at Administrative Building, Faculty of Agriculture/ Horticulture/ Ag. Engineering and other establishment of main campus of BCKV   Download
Quotation in sealed envelop are here by invited by Dr.J.Saha ,Asst. Registrar-II for under mention item(No.Reg/Qt/CSS/Lib-1925 dt: 20.03.14)  Download
No.Reg./QT/L-1984 Short tender notice are here by invited by Registrar^s Dept (CSS)  Download
Sealed tenders are invited by Dr.J.Saha,Asst Registrar-II from the interested vendors for repairing car (Reg No./QT/L-1983 dt 19.03.14)  Download
Quotation in sealed envelop are invited by Prof B.Mandal PI & DR of Ad-hoc project on ^Survey, Surveillance.......WB - a Pilot Study ^ for Establishment of Point-to-Point Wirless connection between BCKV main campus,Mohanpur And DR Building BCKV Kalyani (Ref No.DR/2014/713 dt 18.03.14)  Download
Ref No.ICARDA/St/33/2013-14 Sealed quotation are here by invited for supplying digital balance for Adhoc research project on"Screening of lentil germplasm for stemphylium blight and rice fallow situation"


Sealed tender are invited by Prof. K. Bhattacharyya, Directot-in-Charge, CC Scheme, Kalyani, Nadia, for the under mention items (Ref No.CCS/14/310 dt.18.03.14)  Download
KLY/BRNS-G/60/13-14 Dated 14.03.14: Quotation in sealed envelop are here by invited the Principal Investigator, Ad hoc project “Development of Groundnut genotypes with fresh seed dormancy by induced mutagenesis suitable for rice based cropping system in West Bengal”   Download
Cancellation Of Tender(No.DEE/377/B-1 dt:07.03.2014)   Download
Tender notification for CHRD (to supply Bedding materials)   Download
Tender notification for CHRD (to do electrical jobs/ supply electric materials)   Download
Tender notification for CHRD (to supply furniture)   Download
Sealed Quotations are hereby invited by the Principal Investigator, RKVY Funded Project on Model Centre on Floricultural Excellence, Directorate of Research, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Kalyani, Nadia for installation of one shade house (1008 Sqm) (Ref. No. MFC/14/4 Date:04.03.2014)  Download
Sealed tenders are invited by J. Saha, Assistant Registrar, from the interested vendors for the under mention items (No.Reg/Qt/1905 Dated: 07.3.2014)   Download
Sealed quotations are invited by Dr.R.K Kole for hiring car (Ref No.:AC/RK/12/2013-14 dt:06.03.14)   Download
Quotation for security guard for KVK, Howrah (HWH/KVK/NIQ/13-14/13 dt.4.3.14)  Download
No.CSS/1901/2 Date: 05.03.14 The Last date for Submission of tender papers against hiring of AC ambulance (Tender Notice no. Reg/Qt. 1849/12 dated-12-02-2014) is 12th March 2014 till 3.00 pm instead of 5th March 2014
Short tender notice invited by J.Saha,Assistant Registrat (No.Reg/Qt/ CSS/Lib-1900 Dated: 05.03.2014)  Download
Sealed Tenders are invited  by J.Saha,Assistant Registrat,from bonafide parties to provide Laundry Service (No.L-1902/9 Dated: 04-03-2014)  Download
KVK/N/170/13-14  &  KVK/N/171/13-14 Date: 04.03.2014 INVITATION OF QUOTATIONS FOR SUPPLY OF GOODS UNDER NADIA KVK, ICAR, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, GAYESHPUR, NADIA.  Download Tender No.170 171
Admn/CSS/1895 Date: 28.02.2014: Tender notification for enlistment of publication agencies Download
Sealed tenders are invited from the interested vendors for Computer, Scanner and Book binding materials for Central Library Download
Sealed quotations are hereby invited from experienced bonafied agencies and registered farms having good credentials and registration of VAT etc. for the items related to cooling units under the project entitled “Radiation Technology in conjunction with pre-harvest management practices for extending the shelf life of mango and litchi grown in W.B. funded by BRNS, BARC, Mumbai Download
Sealed quotation are hereby invited from the bonafied manufactures/dealers/ distributors/supplier having good credentials and valid VAT registration with VAT return, P/Tax, IT return, PAN etc. for the chemical and glass good items under the BRNS, BARC funded project “Radiation Technology in Conjunction with Pre-harvest Management Practicies for the extending the shelf life of mango and litchi grown in W.B” Download
Tender No. Shola-3/Chak/20/2014 Dated: 21/02/2014: Sealed quotations are invited by PI of the Project "Wetland Utilization…… and Training" for the supply of the items with the specifications as mentioned against each within 10 days of the publication of this notice. Download
Quotation in sealed envelop are here by  invited for supplying the under mentioned  items to AICRP on groundnut ,Directorate of Research,BCKV,Kalyani,Nadia(KLY/AICRP-G/415/13-14 Dated:20.02.14)  Download
Interested enlisted vendors, Authorized dealers, Reputed Organization and Manufacturers are requested to submit the quotation groupwise in separate envelope for each group on or before 07.03.2014 for various Ad-hoc Research Projects under the Dept. of Agril. Chemicals, F/Ag, BCKV Download
Tender notification from office of the KVK, Howrah for supplying refrigerator, water purifier and stabilizer Download
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