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Seed Science & Technology

The Department of Seed Science and Technology was established in the year, 1998.This Department offers two compulsory and one module courses to Under Graduate Students.  Advance courses leading to M.Sc. (Ag.)  and Ph.D. degree are also   offered.   Different students of M.Sc.(Ag.) and Ph.D. are continuing their research programme on various aspects of Seed  Technology especially seed invigoration, seed priming, pelleting, developmental pattern etc. The nature of physiological  and biochemical activity have also been studied in grain filling period as well as seed deterioration at the stage of  storage considering various agricultural and horticultural crops. The low cost protocol for large scale multiplication and  production of hybrid seed and standardization of genetic transformation in rice are also included in the programme.


1. To strengthen undergraduate and Post-Graduate teaching, research and development programme related to Seed Production Technology and impart training for entrepreneurship in commercial seed production.

2. To initiate basic research related to the genetic purity and seed storage and Testing.

3. To conduct research on Seed Production, Seed Physiology, Seed Pathology, Seed Entomology, Seed Processing and Seed marketing of different field crops for improving the productivity.

4. Characterization of released and / or improved varieties/hybrids using morphological, biochemical and molecular markers for varietal identity and registration.

SL. No. Name Designation E-mail Mobile No.
1. Dr. Amitava Dutta Associate Professor & Head [email protected]
[email protected]
2 Dr. Prabir Chakraborti Associate Professor  [email protected]
[email protected]
3. Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Bordolui   Assistant Professor [email protected]
[email protected]