Security Department :


Watch and Ward unit  of BCKV is functioning under the supervision of Registrar Department with the help of one security officer, one Sr. Assistant & 05 Field workers. For guarding the main campus 30 Ex-Servicemen are engaged from Agency and 88 daily paid workers are also engaged at watch and Ward unit for functioning/guarding the various Offices/Building/Departments/laboratories at Mohanpur campus.

Security Objectives :


To ensure the maintaining law and order situation at all places towards safety and security.

List of Farms/Campus Security Manpower (Under the Security Officer)

Sl No. Farm/Campus Area
1 Main Campus at Mohanpur,     Nadia- ESM
2 Extended Campus/College, Bankura
3 Extended Campus/College,     Burdwan
4 Central Research Farm,     Gayeshpur, Nadia
5 Kalyani "C" Block Farm, Nadia    09   
6 Kalyani District Seed Farm “AB” Block
7 Kalyani District Seed Farm ‘C’ Unit,
8 Kalyani District Seed Farm “D”, Nadia
9 RRSS Chakdaha, Nadia    06
10 Teaching and Research Complex,   Balindi  
11 Teaching Farm, Mondouri, Dist - Nadia   
12 Horticulture Farm, Mondouri, Dist - Nadia   
13 Agricultural (Instructional & Horticulture) Farm, Mohanpur, Dist - Nadia