The Director of Farms under Kalyani University was established in the year 1972 with bona-fide offices with transfers of seven new farms namely District Seed Farm, Kalyani, Block Seed Farms of Chakdaha, Kalimpong II, Kharibari, Canning, Suri II and Raghunathpur from the Department of Agriculture, Government of West Bengal to the administrative jurisdiction of the university of Kalyani vide G.O. No. 3218- Edn & Trg./ 7C-2/72, dt. 22.05.72. All these seven farms were situated at different agro-climatic zones of the state. Discernibly located, these farms evidently brought new scope to the teachers and students in carrying out their teaching and research programmes after being acquainted with the climate and soil condition of those zones, which was also a pre-requisite for imparting education on agriculture.

Dr. J.R.Lahiri, a state rovernment officer in the rank of Deputy Director of Agriculture had for the first time joined on 01.07.1972 as a full-time Director of Farms on deputation under the University of Kalyani and had opened his office in the Faculty of Agriculture Building at Kalyani. Initially, the Director of Farms had to manage his office with administrative help from the Department of Agronomy. In the early 1973’s, the office of the Director of Farms was provided with one Senior Assistant, one Junior Assistant and one daily-paid attendant to start with his office independently. This office had functioned from Kalyani till bifurcation of the Kalyani University.

In 1974, the Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidalaya came into existence with its principal location at Mohanpur (Haringhata) by promulgation of the BCKV Act, 1974. The Director of Farms with its farms (including moveable and immoveable assets) belonging to the erstwhile University of Kalyani also has transferred to the newly established Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidalaya with effect from 01.09.1974 in terms of the sub-clause (4) of Clause 37 of the BCKV Act, 1974 read with the relevant Government order No. 960-Edn(U), dt. 03.09.74 issued by the secretary, Education Department, University Education Branch, Government of West Bengal. However, in the month of October, 1974, the office of the Director of Farms was temporary shifted from the Faculty of Agriculture Building to the Kalyani Town at B-2 area (near picnic Garden) on rented premises.

By the early 1975, the office the Director of Farms was again shifted from Kalyani to the erstwhile Birla College of Agriculture (which was then made a temporarily campus of the newly created Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidalaya). The office was finally accommodated in the newly constructed Administrative Building at Main Campus (Mohanpur) by the year 1976, and is still operating.

In 1983, a new farm was created by carving out 129 acres of lands from the Kalyani District Seed Farm. This farm was renamed as Kalyani District Seed Farm (D) and the erstwhile Kalyani District Seed Farm was renamed as Kalyani District Seed Farm (ABC). In 1993-1994, another improvement was made by delegating power and authority of a DDO to all Directors and Deans of the University in terms of Memo No. Admn/BCKV/G-188/93/L-2433/5, dt. 26.06.93 issued by the Registrar. Accordingly, the Director of Farms has started to render his duties and responsibilities of a DDO w.e.f. 01.04.93 in respect of all staff members maintained under pay-roll of all farms under this Directorate.

In 2001, after establishment of the Uttar Banga Krishi Viwsavidyalaya (UBKV), three block seed farms at Khoribari, Manikchak and Ratua were transferred from the Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya and placed under administrative jurisdiction of the newly established University at Cooch Behar with effect from 01.02.2001 in terms of section 61(2) of UBKV Act, 2001 read with G.O. No. 422-Edn/3B (U)/-22/99, dt. 17. 01. 2001.

In March, 2005 Balindi Teaching and Research Farm, which was so long managed by the Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, was taken over by the Director of Farms in terms of Registrar, BCKV’s Memo No. Admn/BCKV/G-1/Pt-VII/2003/L-2345, dt. 18.03.2005. In September, 2006 the farm unit of the RRS, Kakdwip, was placed under the management of the Director of Farms in terms of Registrar, BCKV’s Memo No. L-1243/4, dt. 08.09. 2006. Again, in December, 2013 the farm unit of Kakdwip was placed under the management of the Director of Research.  In August, 2013 the Kalyani District Seed Farm (ABC) under the Directorate of Farms was separated into two farms as DSF (AB) and DSF (C) as these are physically two units in terms of 5th BCKV-Council dated 05.10.2013.

Farms Modernization


ICAR Development Grant fund assistance focused on activities for modernization of farms at BCKV which was initiated in 2008-09 in terms of mechanization and augmentation of infrastructural facilities of its farms in a phase-wise manner. Release of grant-in-aid under the sub-scheme “Modernization of Agricultural University Farms” of the Plan scheme: Development and Strengthening of Agricultural Universities” was ₹ 4, 05, 00,000/- (Four crores five lakhs) only during 2010-11 (F.No. 23 (18)/2009-2EQR dt.14.01.2009. University had utilized through construction and equipments ₹ 3,42,45,978/- (Three crores forty two lakhs forty five thousand nine hundred seventy eight) which is 84.5% of total fund release and the refund of unspent balance amount ₹ 62,54,022/- (Sixty two lakhs fifty four thousand twenty two) was made (DO No. VC/BCKV/25/453/2 dt. 30.03.2012).

Keeping the farm modernization in phase modus operandi, the allocation of fund for infrastructural development and mechanization are made in different farms for

  • Construction / repairing / renovation of seed threshing yard, drying sheds, go-downs, sheds for implements and machinery, farm roads, fencing, office buildings etc.
  • Up-gradation of irrigation infrastructure and electrical installations.
  • Excavation and renovation of farm ponds and creation of water-harvesting structures.
  • Land development, land shaping and land leveling.
  • Procurement of farm machineries, implements and seed processing equipments.
Harvesting of paddy by using combine harvester
University farm ponds and fish farming
Large threshing floor for seed drying
Processing and bagging 
Seed lifting 
Multi-crop Thresher
Crops are ready for harvest
Sundrying of paddy seeds over cemented floor
Harvesting of paddy