Canteen & Food Courts


You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food

- Paul Prudhomme

‘BCKV Canteen’ takes you to the taste of food back at home. An amiable atmosphere summed up with traditional Bengali, South Indian and North Indian dishes will complete it all. The canteen serves freshly cooked, mouth watering food on regular basis. Traditional Bengali cuisine has its specialty of serving rice, dal, fried potatoes, vegetable curry, chicken curry, fish curry, etc from 11/11:30 am to late afternoon leading to a contentment for students, staffs, and teachers of the University. Tea and coffee available since morning to evening summing up with adda/chatting forum at the University Campus adds the tradition of the deep Bengali culture.

‘Campus Food Courts’ run with four shops serving you similar taste of the famous Decres Lane “the food street of Kolkata” popularly named after the shop owner as Satya da, Bankim da, Parimal da, Bhupal da. It serves from Monday to Friday from early morning of the first light in the sky before sunrise.