Research Scholars of M. Sc. Student: 2012-2017

Sl.No. Title Name of the Author Year
 Studies on combining ability in bread wheat Govada Madhuri  2015 
2 Identification of superior alleles for tow phosphate deficient tolerance genes in Rice  Poulami Sen  2015 
Assessment of genetic variability of root and modulation characters and their association with different agromorphic characters in Chick pea   Lis Priyadarshini  2015 
Studies on genetic variability and diversity in some released of Chickpea  Takkuri Raju  2015 
Evaluation of some newly developed rice genotypes under rainfed shallow low land at new alluvial zone of west bengal  Vanigaru Satish  2015 
 Field screening f bread wheat (T.aestivum L.) genotypes for terminal heat stress Soumitra Mohanty  2015 
Standardization of technique and screening of lentil germplasm for drought tolerance  Ashit Prasad Dash  2015 
 Evaluation of some recombinant inbreed lines (F7) of Sabita/ Sambamasuri derivatives Priyadarshini Sahu  2015 
 9 Studies on variability and character association for some quantitative characters in Groundnut  Tolam Dabi  2015 
10  Evaluation of mung bean germplasm with some important hybrids for yield and quality parameters  V. Umeh Kumar  2015 
11 Genetic divergence for grain yield and its attributing traits in bread wheat  Sunil Diyali  2014 
12  Characteristics features of rice (O.sativa L.) sowing resistance to drought  Sudeshna Panja  2014 
13  Studies in Genetic divergence and correlation among different yield attributing characters in Lentil    Nancy Lego 2014 
14   Standardization of technique and screening of Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.)genotypes for drought tolerance Santosh Tamang  2014 
15  Studies of genetic diversity based on grain quality parameters in grass pea  Peenaz Ubed 2013 
 16 Studies on yield components and combining ability analysis in exotic Tomato genotypes   Pemba Sherpa 2013 
17  Analysis of root associated with phosphorus deficient tolerance in Rice  Vinay V. Kavishetti  2013 
18  Evaluation of Mungbean germplasm with studies on heterosis and combining ability for yield and its attributing characters  Elizabeth B. Khaimichhw  2013 
19   Assessment of parental lines and crosses for salt tolerance in Green gram  Sumit Murmu  2013
20  Genetic behavior of different seedling characters in Ricebean due to salinty  Pallab Santra  2013 
21  Evaluation of potato for yield and quality  Angkurita Tripura  2013 
22  Varietal response of Boron on different varieties of Durum wheat  Bijit Ghosh  2013 
23   Genetical analysis and floral biology I relation to seed development in some cultivars of tuberose Devajani Ngangbam  2013 
24  Studies on genetic variability heritability and character association for some quantitative characters in recombinant inbreed lines of Basmati derivative  Indrajit Prasad  2013 
25  Studies on influence of root and shoot characters on fibre yield in Tossa Jute gemplasms  Seram Asha  2013 
26  Response to selection for basal branching in bilocular and multicular segregates in Brassica rapa  Ashis Sukl Das  2013 
27  Studies on genetic variability and genetic diversity in some indigenous Aman rice  Reshtra Ketan  2013 
28  Agromorphological characterization of some tall Indica Aman rice  Tanmoy Chakraborty  2013 
29  Evaluation of some high yielding lines of rice for Boro season  Swarnajit Debbarma  2013
30  Molecular marker based diversity in sesame and its relationship with heterosis  Ananti Pathak  2013 
31  Diversity for yiel and its attributing traits in wheat  Bhanu Priya  2012 
32  Studies on genetic variability in some re-combinant inbreed lines (Fg) of Basmati derivatives   Pushparani Senjam  2012 
33  Studies on morphological characteristics and genetic divergence for fibre yield and its attributing traits in Tossa jute germplasm  Dudhane Abhijit Sarjerao  2012 
34  Studies on genetic variability in potato for cooking purpose  Bimal Das  2012 
35  Genetics of yield and its attributing traits in Mungbean   Julie K. Marak 2012 
36  Studies of morpho-ornatomical changes in poliants tuberose L. by Mutagenesis  Prabhat Kr. Singh   2012
37  Induction of polyploidy and morphogenetical evaluation in Marigold  Arghadeep Ganguly  2012 
38  Marker assisted introgression of silent fatty acid elongase gene (FAE1) in to Brassica juncea cultivars  Joyashree Mallick   2012
39  Genetic analysis of fibre anatomy characters in Tossa jute  Vinay Kumar  2012 
40  The studies of genetic variability and identification of dry matter yield contributing characters of forage Oat  Kakad Ravindra Eknath  2012 
41  Study on floral biology of cucurbita sp.  Tirsang Tamang  2012 
42  Study of genetic variability and character association for yield and yield attributing traits in Groundnut Gopal Sarkar  2012 
43  study of genetic variability and hervest Index in Pegionpea Basudeba Satapathy  2012 
44  Study of genetics diversity of some elite groundnut germplasm  Saugat Chettri 2012 

Research Scholars of Ph.D. Students: 2012-2017

Sl.No. Title Student Chairman
1 Breeding for improvement in yield with its component traits and some quality parameters in Rice (Oryza sativa L.), 2013 Debasis Soren Prof. K. K. Sarkar
2 Identification of arsenic transporter genes in rice (Oryza sativa L.) and their expression analysis, 2013 Sandip Debnath Dr. S. Bhattyacharyya
3 Studies for genetic inheritance on tolerance to moisture stress in jute (Corchorus capsularis L. and Corchorus olitorius L.) and spectrum of variability under waterlogged condition, 2014 Sonika Yumnam 2014 Dr. Subhra Mukherjee
4 Allele mining and pyramiding for P-deficiency tolerance with low accumulation of arsenic in rice, 2014 Arijit Mukherjee Dr. S. Bhattyacharyya
5 Development, identification and micropropagation of genetic variants in Chrysanthemum , 2014 Telem Ratan Singh Dr. R. Sadhukhan
6 Breeding for development of value added high yielding quality rice, 2015 Lakshmi Hijam Dr. K. K. Sarkar
7 Studies on divergence, stability and inheritance of some yield attributes of Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L. ), 2016 N. H. Satyanarayana Dr. S. Mukherje
8 Studies on inheritance for tolerance to moisture stress in Tossa jute (Corchorus olitorius L, 2016 Sawarkar Ashutosh Ganpatrao 2016 Dr. S. Mukherje
9 Selection from diverse germplasm of potato for high yield, quality and storability, 2016 Pradhan Atul Madhao Pradhan Atul Madhao