Research Scholars of M. Sc. (Ag.) Student: 2016-2021

Sl.No. Name Year Title of the Thesis Name of the supervisor
 1  Anik Mazumdar  2021 Disease dynamics of Lentil under conservation agriculture  Prof. S. Das
 2  Anindita Patwari  2021 Effect of different Trichoderma spp. On plant growth promotion of cowpea  Dr. Sujit Ray
 3  ShreyosiBasak  2021 Evaluation of leaf spot diseases on different genomic groups of banana  Prof. D. Misra
 4  OmpriyaChalla  2021 Biological management of plant diseases by using probiotic organisms  Dr. J. Saha
 5  Ujjal Kisku  2021 Morpho- molecular characterization of Corynesporacassicola, pathogen of leaf spot of ram vasaka (Phlogacanthusthyrsiformis) and its seasonality  Prof. G. Mondal
 6  Susmita Pati  2021 Mass production and evolution of plant growth promotion potentiality of fluorescent Pseudomonads on cowpea  Dr. S. Datta
 7  Ujjal Sarkar  2021 Isolation, identification and management of Alternaria sp. From different host crops  Dr. R. Sharma
 8  Rukshar Parveen  2021 Morphological & molecular identification of pathogen and present status of banded leaf and sheath blight of maize in West Bengal  Dr. S. Debnath
 9  Chetan D  2021 Variability and in vitro evaluation of eco-friendly management strategies in turcicum leaf blight [Exerhilumturcicum (Pass.) Lepnard and Suggs.)] of maize] of maize  Dr. S. Debnath
 10  Debjeet Sharma  2021 Effect of conservation agriculture on disease dynamics of spot blotch of wheat  Dr. S. Mohapatra
 11  TrishitaBhunia  2021 Seedling diseases of garlic and its management  Dr. S. Mohapatra
 12  Dibyendu Ghosh  2021 Integrated disease management of chilli (Capsicum annum L.)  Dr.Asit Mandal
 13  Oindrilla Datta  2021 Integrated disease management of bitter gourd  Dr.Asit Kumar Mandal
 14  Tania Roy  2021 Chilli leaf spot disease and it’s in-vitro management  Prof. A. Basu
 15  Shinee Dey  2021 Downy mildew disease of some cultivated and weed crops with special reference to its epidemiology and management in cucumber  Prof. B. N. Panja
 16  Tarique Ahmed  2021 Characterization of Sclerotium spp. Isolated from lab lablab bean and its pathogenicity test in some legume crops  Prof. J. Tarafdar
 17  Rohan Das  2021 Occurrence and management of early blight of potato in West Bengal  Prof. A. Chakraborty
 18  Samrat Pal  2021 Evaluation of biocontrol and plant growth promotion potential of Bacillus spp. On cowpea  Dr. S. Ray
 19  JasmeenKandakar  2020  Studies on powdery mildew affected plants grown in Nadia districts of West Bangal  Dr. Gautam Mondal
 20  SusmitaOraon  2020  Morphomolecular characterization of Phyllostictacapitalensis, the causal agent of carry leaf spot disease and its management using botanicals and bioagents  Dr. Gautam Mondal
 21  Dharmappa D. Chavan  2020  Studies on field and molecular marker-based screening of promising taro (Colocasia esculenta var antiquorum) cultivars for resistant to Phytophthora blight  Prof. Jayanta Tarafder
 22  Baru. Murali Krishna  2020  Studies on effect of yeast on storage life of betelvine leaf  Dr. Jayanta Saha
 23  Abhishek Sarkar  2020  Studies of disease dynamics under different nutrient and residue level in rice-cauliflower-rice cropping system at different level of tillage management practices  Dr.Asit Kumar Mondal
 24  Durlav Hira  2020  Pycnidia forming plant pathogen causing leaf spot of potato and its management  Prof. AmitavaBasu
 25  Durlav Hira  2020  Studies on cultural characteristics of different Pestalotiopsis spp. isolated from different crops  Prof. BirendranathPanja
 26  Durlav Hira  2020  Effect of plant extracts and organic amendment for the management of collar rot of cowpea and lentil  Dr. Subrata Dutta
 27  Madhurima Biswas   2020  Comparative study of three different isolates of Rhizoctonia solani collected from banded leaf and sheath blight disease of maize  Dr.Srabani Debnath
 28  Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay  2020  Image processing system-based analysis of downy mildew disease severity of cucurbit and its relationship with weather variables  Dr. Subrata Dutta
 29  Subham Dutta  2020  Detection and characterization of banana bunchy top virus in West Bengal  Prof. Jayanta Tarafder
 30  Krishnendu Kundu  2020  Evaluation of cheap and easily available residues for production and quality analysis of oyster mushroom (Pleurotusflorida)  Dr. Sujit Ray
 31  DipashreeSandhukhan  2020  Role of natural products on formulation of yeast based biocontrol products   Dr. J. Saha
 32  Gopal Chowdhury  2020  Standardization of cultivation method of Pleurotusdjamor in West Bengal  Dr. R. Sharma
 33  MoumitaPonda  2020  Population dynamics of Rhizobium in green gram in different tillage under conservation agriculture  Prof. S. Das
 34  Rajdeep Banerjee  2020  Alternaria leaf spot of potato and its management  Prof. A. Basu
 35  Ali Hasan Siddiki  2020  Studies on foliar diseases of potato in West Bengal condition  Prof. A. Chakraborty
 36  Ankur Mukhopadhyay  2020  Biological control of obligate plant pathogens  Prof. D. Misra
 37  Ranajit Kundu  2020  Comparison between different screening methods of spot blotch of wheat  Dr. S. Mahapatra
 38  Suryakant Manik  2019  Studies on fungal diseases associated with some selected minor fruits grown in Nadia districts of West Bengal  Prof. BirendranathPanja
 39  Dilip Kumar Chaurasiya  2019  Effect of inducer chemicals as resistance against Bipolarissorokiniana causing spot blotch of wheat at seedling stages  Prof. Srikanta Das
 40  Huma Nazneen  2019  Exploration of native rhizospheric bacteria from red and lateritic regions of West Bengal for pathogen suppression, plant growth promotion and soil acidity stress alleviation  Dr. Subrata Dutta
 41  Amitava Mondal  2019  Studies on Sclerotium rolfsii causing collar rot of lentil and its management   Dr. Sunita Mahapatra
 42  Soumik Mukherjee  2019  Studies on fungal diseases of tulsi (Ocimum sanctum L.) in the new alluvial zone of West Bengal  Dr. Gautam Mondal
 43  Badavath Kishore  2019  Studies on rice brown spot disease caused by Bipolarisoryzae (Breda de Haan) shoemaker and its management  Prof. AmitavaBasu
 44  Goskula Kiran  2019  Studies on Rhizoctonia solani isolates of rice in new alluvial zone of West Bengal   Mr. Raghunath Mandal
 45  Swati Chakroborty  2019  Molecular characterization of BEGOMO VIRUS in different weed species  Prof. Jayanta Tarafder
 46  EmmadiVenu  2019  Utilisation of rhizospheric proteobacteria from red and lateritic regions of West Bengal for plant growth promotion and pathogen suppression  Dr. Sujit Kumar Ray
 47  Sourav Oraon  2019  Epidemiology and field level screening of germplasm against collar rot disease of lentil, incited by Sclerotium rolfsii  Dr. Sujit Kumar Ray
 48  Sunanda Chakraborty  2019  Biochemical basis of resistance to downy mildew disease in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)  Dr.Asit Kumar Mandal
 49  Pronay Majumder  2019  Shelf-life improvement of perishable agricultural products by yeasts  Dr. Jayanta Saha
 50  ZekrullahSamadi  2019  Studies on diseases of chilli  Prof. ParthaSarathi Nath
 51  Abdul Wahab Ghafari  2019  Studies on diseases of tomato  Prof. ParthaSarathi Nath
 52  RayanoothalaPravallikaSree  2019  Effect of inducers on various biochemical changes against Alternaria blight of mustard  Prof. Srikanta Das
 53  Shishir Rizal  2019  Studies on fungal diseases associated with some selected greenhouse plants  Prof. BirendranathPanja
 54  Naznin khatun  2019  Studies based on disease reaction and performance of promising local lentil varieties / germplasm against Stemphylium blight  Dr.Rishu Sharma
 55  Jasmin  Thomas  2019  Development of yeast based biocontrol formulation for post-harvest disease management  Dr. Jayanta Saha
 56  Rakesh Kumar Pal  2019  M. Sc not completed  
 57  Jayanta Mandal  2019  M. Sc not completed  
 58  Koushik  Das  2019  M. Sc not completed  
 59  Rohit Mandal  2019  M. Sc not completed  
 60  Subhas Patar  2018  Overview of diseases of mushroom with special reference to green mould disease  Dr. Sujit Kumar Ray
 61  VenisettyPunnamchander  2018  Efficacy of different botanical oils and bioagents against Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn causing sheath blight of rice in invitro condition  Prof. Srikanta Das
 62  Chandan Bharti  2018  Studies on early blight of potato and its management  Dr.Ashis Chakraborty
 63  Sanjog Chhetri  2018  Studies on different diseases of sarpagandha (Rauwolfia serpentina L.) in new alluvial zone of West Bengal  Dr. Gautam Mondal
 64  Parvathi Mahesh  2018  Molecular characterization of some conserved regions of bhindi yellow vein mosaic virus of possible association of beta satellite component  Prof. Jayanta Tarafder
 65  Joseph Soren  2018  Pathogen biology of orchid and ornamental flowering plants  Prof. AmitavaBasu
 66  Sudip Hansda  2018  Evaluation of bacterial wilt resistant genotypes of brinjal  Dr.Asit Kumar Mandal
 67  JoydebKuilya  2018  Studies of southern corn leaf blight of maize with screening of some hybrids and genotypes  Dr.Srabani Debnath
 68  BinoyGorai  2018  Morphological studies of Pleurotusspp. and identification of a wild collected strains of West Bengal  Dr.Rishu Sharma
 69  Priyabratajena  2018  Studies on the rhizosphere microflora of banana plant infected with Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense  Prof. Dilip Kumar Misra
 70  SanamHalsana  2018  Development of yeast based biocontrol formulation for post harvest disease management  Dr. Jayanta Saha
 71  Amrita Dasgupta  2018  Plant growth promotion and biocontrol potentiality of salt tolerant native rhizobacteria, isolated from costal saline zone of West Bengal  Dr. Subrata Dutta
 72  Raina Saha  2018  Identification and characterization of pathogens in association with ber (Zizyphusmauritiana) diseases  Dr.Dilip Kumar Misra
 73  Rajkumar Debsharma  2018  Effect of different botanical oils against spot blotch of wheat  Dr. Sunita Mahapatra
 74  Pradip Sarkar  2017  Activity evaluation of plant extracts against some plant pathogenic fungi  Dr. Jayanta Saha
 75  Kailash Kumar  2017  Studies on leaf spot disease of strawberry in the indo-gangetic plains of West Bengal  Dr. Sunita Mahapatra
 76  Dibakar Panda  2017  Management of early blight of potato by use of non-conventional chemicals  Dr.Ashis Chakraborty
 77  Sanju Tamang   2017  Effects of meteorological factors on spot blotch of wheat and its chemical management in indo-gangetic plains  Dr. Sunita Mahapatra
 78  Sarbani Das  2017  Studies on the expression pattern of pathogenesis related protein genes in tomato induced by some fungicides and chemicals  Prof. Jayanta Tarafder
 79  Tushnima Chaudhuri  2017  Morphological and cultural characteristics of acervuli and pycnidia producing foliar pathogens of selected ornamental plants  Prof. BirendranathPanja
 80  Shikha Pathak  2017  Influence of crop, soil abiotic and weather factors on wirestem disease of cabbage  Dr. Subrata Dutta
 81  Siddharth Singh  2017  Studies on different diseases of sweet flag (Acorus calamus L.) in West Bengal  Dr. Gautam Mondal
 82  Debanjana Debnath  2017  Effect of different botanicals against Colletotrichum gloeosporoides in in vitro condition  Prof. Srikanta Das
 83  Nithin Kumar J.N.  2017  Studies on emerging diseases of rice under gangetic alluvial zone of West Bengal  Mr. Raghunath Mondal
 84  Promod Kumar Sarwa  2017  Influence of weather variable and crops on web blight disease of cowpea  Dr. Sujit Kumar Ray
 85  Suraj Goldar  2017  Soil abiotic factors and cropping system on Sclerotium rolfsii disease conducive /suppressiveness  Dr. Sujit Kumar Ray
 86  Pechhetri Komal  2017  Detection and identification of seed borne pathogens on maize (Zea mays L.)  Prof. ParthaSarathi Nath
 87  Imtinungsang Jamir  2017  Screening of okra genotypes against YVMV disease and its yield assessment  Dr.Asit Kumar Mondal
 88  Abhinandita Sahoo  2017  Efficacy of some novel molecules against foliar pathogens of solanaceous crop  Prof. AmitavaBasu
 89  Priyabrata Jena  2017  Submitted thesis latter  
 90  Sabin Rai  2017    
   BiplabMurmu  2016  Diseases of some medicinal plants in Gangetic alluvial zone of West Bengal  Dr. Jayanta Saha
   Arghya Banerjee  2016  Studies on pycnidia producing fungi of some ornamental plants grown under protected condition  Prof. BirendranathPanja
   DarsanaDilip K.C  2016  Studies on cultural behaviour of some biocontrol yeasts and their bioactivity  Dr. Jayanta Saha
   Swarnavo Chakraborty  2016  In vitro antagonistic activity of biocontrol agents against some important plant pathogenic fungi  Prof. AmitavaBasu
   Uday bikashOraon  2016  Incidence and characterization of ssDNA virus in chilli in West Bengal  Prof. Jayanta Tarafder
   Bibek Sharma  2016  Studies on Turcicum leaf blight (Exserohilumturcicum) of Maize (Zea mays) in the new alluvial zone of West Bengal  Prof. Partha Sarathi Nath
   Krishna Ray  2016  Dynamics of Sclerotium rolfsii as influenced by different rhizosphere and microbial community  Dr. Subrata Dutta
   Gauranga Datta  2016  Studies on diseases of chickpea under gangetic alluvial region of West Bengal  Dr. Sujit Kumar Ray
   Desh Raj Shri Bharati  2016  Effect of abiotic stresses on clubroot disease development  Prof. IndrabrataBhatttacharya
   Debashis Rana  2016  Cultural behaviour of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense isolate  Prof. Dilip Kumar Misra
   Katakam Mounika  2016  Studies on acervulus producing fungi associated with selected greenhouse plants  Prof. BirendranathPanja
   Tanushree Das  2016  Bio antagonist vis a vis Rhizobium on seedling vigour of lentil.   Prof. S. Das
   Biswajit Banerjee   2016  Did not complete M. Sc  

List of students passed M. Sc during 2013,2014,2015 :

Sl.No. Name Title of the Thesis  Name of the supervisor
1  Srima Das  Effect of native plant growth promoting rhizo-bacteria on management of Web Blight disease of Dolichos Bean  Dr. Subrata Dutta
2  Mukul Murmu  Effect of soil amendments and antifungal Compounds on primary and secondary phase of colonization by Plasmodiophorabrassicae (Woronin) causing club root disease of cruciferous crops  Prof. Indrabrata Bhattacharya
3  Seteng Baskey  Screening of brassica hosts against Plasmodiophorabrassicae (Woronin) causing club root disease of crucifers to identify source of resistance  Prof. Indrabrata Bhattacharya
4  Sumit Kumar Roy  Studies on biology and epidemiology of Alternaria blight disease of marigold  Prof. Indrabrata Bhattacharya
5  Samir Mandi  Studies on yellow mosaic virus disease of Mungbean (Vigna radiate L. Wilczek)  Prof. ParthaSarathi Nath
6  Sanchari Roy  Morphological and biochemical variation of some Alternaria species infected on different vegetable crops  Prof. Srikanta Das
7  Shaista Rahman  Effect of soil and plant conditioner (Amalgerol) on plant health and disease management of  Groundnut  Prof. Jayanta Tarafder
8  Rajesh Kumar Nanda  Phylloplane bacteria for plant disease management  Dr. Sujit Kumar Ray
9  Sahar Murmu  Management of Early blight of potato by chemicals and non chemicals

Dr.Ashis Chakraborty

10  Mrinmoy Mondal  Studies on Rhizome Infecting Fungi of Banana

Dr. Dilip Kumar Misra

11  Vikas Kumar Ravat  Studies on post harvest disease management of fruits

Dr. Dilip Kumar Misra

12  Solanki Sarkar  Studies on Important foliar diseases of some Medicinal plants

Prof. Basudeb Dasgupta

13  Rajib Mandi  Studies on Major Diseases of Some Important Medicinal plants

Prof. Basudeb Dasgupta

14  Ankita Biswas  Morphological and cultural characterization of Bipolarissorokiniana Infecting wheat

Prof. Srikanta Das

15  Jessica Sten  Formulation and Shelf-life of Yeast-based bio-control Agent

Dr. J.Saha

16  Mayanglambam Ranjana Devi  Studies on Diesases of Some Common Medicinal Plants in West Bengal  Prof. Birendranath Panja
17  Munmun Narjinary  Seasonal Incidence of Different Diseases of Chilli (Capsicum sp.)  Prof. Partha Sarathi Nath
18  Md. SarfrajAlam  Fruit rot disease of Chilli caused by Colletotrichum spp  Prof. Amitava Basu
19  Ningthoujam Sonia Devi  Seed health testing of stored paddy seeds and their management  Prof. Partha Sarathi Nath
20  Nivedita Chattopadhyay  Expression study of RTBV O-DS-2gene in backcross progeny of rice for resistant tungro disease

Prof. Jayanta Tarafdar

21  Subhomoy Ghosh  Effect of weather and edaphic factors on diseases of pointed gourd

Dr. Subrata Dutta

22  Akshoy Sardar  Management of foliar diseases of betelvine (Piper betle L.)   Prof. Basudeb Dasgupta
23  Licon Kumar Acharya  Effect of soil abiotic stress factors on soil borne pathogens of brassica crops of West Bewngal

Prof. Indrabrata Bhattacharya

24  Tamali Sarkar  Effect of some botanicals on the growth behavior of some sclerotial fungi

Prof. Srikanta Das

25  Susamoy Kundu

 Role of bioactive plant extract combinations against plant pathogens

Dr. J.Saha

26  Ravikant Chejara

 Studies on Diseases Spectrum of Gerbera … Leaf Spot

 Prof. B.N. Panja

Research Scholars of Ph.D. Students: 2012-2021

Sl.No. Name Year Title of the Thesis Name of the supervisor
32 Ritesh Kumar 2021 Exploitation of rhizospheric native proteobacteria from costal saline and lateritic regions of West Bengal for management of soil borne pathogens Dr. Subrata Dutta
31 Sarbani Das 2021 Genome characterization of DNA A and DNA beta complexes associated with BEGOMO virus infection in okra [Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench] in West Bengal Prof. Jayanta Tarafdar
30 Ankit Kumar Ghorai 2021 Genetic diversity and influence of cropping sequences and crop rhizosphere on population dynamics of ralstonia solanacearum in West Bengal Dr. Subrata Dutta
29 Arghya Banerjee 2020 Epidemiology and management of turcicum leaf blight of maize [Exserohilumturcicum (Pass.) Leonard and Suggs.] in West Bengal  Prof. ParthaSarathi Nath
28 Uday Bikash Oraon 2020 Characteristics and diversity analysis of biocontrol yeast  Dr. Jayanta Saha
27 Deewakarbaral 2020 Selection and formulation of stress tolerant biocontrol yeast  Dr. Jayanta Saha
26 Mrinmoy Mondal 2020 Epidemiology and management of tuberose tip blight disease with special reference to the variability of its causal pathogen Phomapolyanthis  Prof. BirendranathPanja
25 Srima Das 2020 Pathogenic characterization and biointensive managenment of soil-borne disease(s) of leguminous vegetables  Dr. Sujit Kumar Ray
24 Sahar Murmu 2020 Diseases of jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam) under West Bengal condition and their management  Prof. Dilip Kumar Misra
23 Moirangthem Indira Devi 2019 Detection, identification and management of pathogens associated with important vegetable seeds in gangetic alluvial region of West Bengal  Prof. ParthaSarathi Nath
22 LourembamSanajaoba Singh 2018 Dete23ction and characterisation of tomato leaf curl virus disease and its natural virus sequence variant in West Bengal Prof. Jayanta Tarafdar
21 Vikas Kumar Ravat 2017 Charactertization of some newly emerged economically important sheath infecting 2121fungal pathogens causing significance cr2222op losses on rice  Prof. AmitavaBasu
20 Roshan Dangmei 2016 Biology of the pathogen, epidemiology and integrated disease management of Cercospora leaf spot of Mungbean in West bengal  Prof. ParthaSarathiNarth
19 Sanchari Roy 2016 Characterization of different foliage infecting fungal pathogens of cowpea under West Bengal condition  Prof. AmitavaBasu
18 Hijam Meronbala Devi 2015 Studies on leaf blight of Wheat [ Triticum aestivum (L.)] and its epidemiology and eco-friendly management under field condition  
17 Tania R. Marak 2015 Epidemiology and management of anthracnose of Green gram [Vigna radiata(L.) WILCZEK] under field condition Prof. S. Das
16 Subham Dey 2015 Late Blight of Potato in West Bengal; spore biology, prediction and management Prof. Ashis Chakraborty
15 Subhas Hansda 2015 Variability of different isolates of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and its management Dr. Sujit  Kumar Ray
14 Yumlembam Rupart Anand 2015 Exploration of plant extract against some plant pathogenic bacteria and diseases caused by them Prof. Partha Sarathi Nath
13 Nayan Kishor Adhikary 2014 Studies on The Incidence and Characterization of Soybean Infecting Begomovirus in The plants of West Bengal Prof. Jayanta Tarafdar
12 Dawa Dolma Bhutia 2014 Exploration of Botanicals Against Some Selected Plant Pathogens


11 Srujani Behera 2014 Leaf blight of onion ;its epidemiology and management in the plains of West Bengal,

Prof. Srikanta Das

10 Suchismita Chakraborty 2014 Molecular understanding of host-parasite interaction of Phytophthora species in taro and chilli by DNA/proteomics Prof. Jayanta Tarafdar
9 Diptanjan Ghosh 2013 Assessment of Climatic Risks in Relation to Incidence and Spread of Downy Mildew Disease of Cucumber

Prof. Indrabrata Bhattacharya

8 Ashis Roy Barman 2013 Elicitor mediated induction of systemic resistance against Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris Dr. Subrata Dutta
7 Palash Chandra Paul 2013 Studies on Management of Important Diseases of some Medicinal Plants

Prof.Basudeb Dasgupta

6 Samuel Lalliansanga 2013 Variability of Alternaria species Infecting Crucifers and its epidemiology

Prof. Srikanta Das

5 Miss N. Surmina Devi 2013 Variability and sensitivity of Alternaria solani causing early blight of potato under West Bengal condition

Prof. Amitava Basu

4 Sanjib Prasad Kuiry 2012  Variability of different isolates of Rhizoctonia solaniKühn. causing sheath blight diseases of rice and its management Dr. Subrata Dutta
3 ParthaPratim Ghosh 2012

Variability of Ralstonia solanacearum in West Bengal and management of vascular bacterial wilt of Brinjal

Dr. Subrata Dutta

2 Manoj Kumar 2012 Molecular Characterization of Leaf Curl Virus of Sweetpotato( Ipomoea batatas L) in West Bengal Prof. Jayanta Tarafdar
1 Amrita Banerjee 2012 Cloning and sequencing of selective genes of rice tungro viruses from West Bengal and expression of RTBV ORF IV (RTBV-O-Ds2 gene) in backcrossed progenies of transgenic rice towards resistance to rice tungro disease Prof. Jayanta Tarafdar