Research Scholars of M. Sc. Student: 2012-2020

Sl.No. Name Year of passing Supervisor Area of Research
164 Priyanjali Das 2020 Prof. D.Basu Impact of Lockdown due to Covid-19 on the students of Agricultural Universities of West Bengal
163 Gourav Roy 2020


Television news channels during pandemics: The approach and content analysis
162 Ananta Mandal 2020 Prof. D.Basu Analysis of Indian Agricultural Apps for better utilization by the farming community
161 Dipanwita Halder 2020 Prof. S.K.Acharya Lifestyle analysis of PG students of BCKV in terms of smart phone usages
160 Dhrubajyoti Barman 2020


Role performance, expectations and achievement motivation of research scholars of BCKV in the context of satisfaction and organizational climate: The status and interpretation
159 Sankar Dayal Mahato 2020


Health, nutrition and calorie intake of farmer: The relation and interaction
158 Mrityunjay Mahato 2020


Performance of Kalyan KVK and the changes analysis from a system vision
157 Banoth Tejasri 2020 Dr.Tapan Mandal Occupational perception and preferences of post graduate agricultural students of BCKV & ANGRAU
156 Jayaprakash H.R 2020 Dr.Tapan Mandal A study on entrepreneurial behaviour of Mango growers in Ramanagar district of Karnataka state
155 Rekha Khalkho 2020 Prof. S.Mondal Factors affecting adoption of Maize cultivation replacing the Jute cultivation in chopra block, Uttar Dinajpur district
154 Mirjeng Terang 2020 Dr.Tapan Mandal A study on the extent of rural youth participation in farming in East Karbi Anglong district of Assam
153 Santa Sabuj Saha 2020

Prof. A.Biswas

KAP (Knowledge, Attitude and Practice) approaches to Covid 19: The students’ response
152 Kabita Tamang 2020

Prof. S.Mondal

Availability and prioritization of major non-timber forest products (NTFPs) on the basis of livelihood and income generation in Kalimpong district of West Bengal
151 Arundhati Basu 2020 Prof. D.Basu Content analysis of Agricultural TV programmes(Krishi Darshan- DD Bangla and Krishi Parikrama-DDKisan
150  Rohan Bhaduri 2020

Prof. S.Mondal

 Profitability of Betel Vine cultivation with reference to seasonality and leaf size
149 Sairaj Smrutiranjan Sahoo 2019  Dr.T.K.Mandal A study on the level of knowledge and adoption of Groundnut cultivators in Jajpur district of Odisha 
148 Bhuban Mandi 2019 Prof. A.Biswas The Sociology Of Water Management  In Rainfed Agro-Ecosystem Of Purulia 
147 Prashanta Sarkar 2019  Dr.T.K.Mandal A Study On Problems And Prospects Of Maize Cultivation In The District Of Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal 
146 Jayanta Kumar Mahato 2019  Prof. S.Mondal Study on adoption of aromatic rice variety with reference to Gobindabhog in Haringhata Block of Nadia district 
145 Shephali Hembram 2019  Prof. D.Basu Labour Utilization Pattren Of Different Crops In Some Selected Villages Of Purulia District Of West Bengal 
144 Debashis Mazumder 2019  Prof. S.Mondal  Adoption Of Innovation Of Aromatic Rice With Reference To Radhatilak In Shantipur Block Of Nadia District 
143 Vilila S Thoger 2019  Dr.T.K.Mandal Organic Value Chain Management Of Naga King Chilli In Peren District Of Nagaland 
142 Sagar Banik 2019  Prof.S.K.Acharya Customers’ Behaviour In Retail Chain Marketing: The Response Analysis In Kolkata 
141 Pranab Patra 2019  Prof. D.Basu Understanding Management Of Traditional Tanks By Indigenous Organizations In Some Selected Areas Of Bankura Dis 
140 Subhendu Mandal 2019  Prof. A.Biswas  Mid-Day Meal And The School Going Children: The Status And Impact 
139 Mandati Bhatruhari 2019  Prof. S.Mondal  A Study On Varietal Preferences And Adoption Of Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea) By The Farmers Of Telangana In  Mahabubnagar District
138 Suman Das 2019  Prof. A. Biswas  Use of Smartphones by rural youth: The Level, Application and Impact 
137 Suprabhat Mandal 2019  Dr.T.K.Mandal  Farmers’ Perception Towards the Climate Change on the Productivity of Rice in Bankura district 
136 Battu Preethi 2019  Prof. A. Biswas  The Social Ecology Of Self Help Groups In Kurnool District Of Andhra Pradesh: Enterprise, Income And Efficiency 
135 Rrik Chakraborty 2019 Prof.S.K.Acharya Rooftop Gardening: The Ecology And Economy 
134 Soumavho Hazra  2019  Prof. D.Basu Village Haats And Its Implications In The Livelihood Of People 
132 Shuvam Gorai  2019  Prof. D.Basu  Dimensions Of Agricultural Knowledge As Reflected In Bengali Folk Songs 
131 Dipti Rekha Pujar  2019   

Prof. S.Mondal

Impact Assessment of Bringing Green Revolution to Eastern India(BGREI): A Study Conducted in Sonepur district of Odisha
130 Bhumireddy Chandhana  2019  Dr.Tapan Mandal  A Study On Extension Activities And Competency Of Agricultural Extension Officers (A.E.Os) In Anantapur District Of Andhra Pradesh 
129 Kajal Patra  2019 

Prof. S.Mondal

A comparative study on cost of cultivation, sales price and profit in rice among different categories of farmers in Indpur block of Bankura district 
128 Monirul Haque 2019  Prof.S.K.Acharya Transformation Of Conventional Farm Lands Into Tea Garden In North Bengal: The Sociology And Ecology 
127 Subham Mandal 2019  Prof. A. Biswas The Estimation Of Income, Livelihood And Productivity From Pulse Enterprise: The Analysis And Implication 
126 Soumen Mahato 2019  Prof.S.K.Acharya

The Social Ecology Of Livelihod Generation In Menrega (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) - The Function And Dynamics

125 Sumarlin Kurkalang 2019  Prof. S.Mondal A Study On The Performance Of Local And High-Yielding Varieties Of Potato In East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya 
124 Subarnna Keshari Haripriya Padhan 2019  Prof. S.Mondal  A Comparative Study Between Beneficiaries And Non-Beneficiaries Of Bgrei Programme In Sonepur(Subarnapur) District Of Odisha 
123 Sk Mosaraf Hossain 2019  Prof.S.K.Acharya  Estimation and interpretation of artisanship from a performing social ecology: income, efficiency and impact 
122 Dilchand Soren 2019 Prof.S.K.Acharya  Live stock production and management and their economy and ecology 
121 Barsha Sarkar 2019 Prof. D.Basu  Value chain management of Banana in Nadia district of West Bengal 
120 Debashis Biswas 2018 Prof. D.Basu Sharing of agricultural informations through facebbok groups in India
119 Suchetana Choudhury 2018 Prof. A.K. Bandyopadhyay Study on differential characteristics of trained and general farmers regarding adoption of scientific cultivation in some adopted villages of Nadia Krishi Vigyan Kendra under Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, West Bengal
118 Tanushree Saha 2018 Prof. A.K. Bandyopadhyay Identification of technological gap in Jute cultivation in some selected areas of Murshidabad district in West Bengal
117 Sourav Barman 2018 Prof. A. Biswas Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment (REIA): The perception and impact of thermal power on the social ecology of Kolaghat
116 Videselie Zhasa 2018 Prof. D.Basu Value chain management of Kiwifruit in Nagaland
115 Shrabantika Ghosh 2018 Prof. D.Basu Understanding preference of farmers towards selection of different crops in their farming system in a selected agro-ecological situation in West Bengal
114 Pratyusa Bakshi 2018 Prof. D.Basu Application of social network analysis to study the diffusion of a transfer technology of Nadia KVK in a selected village
113 Subhra Chatterjee 2018 Prof. A. Biswas People’s perception on climate change in a Gangetic Alluvial agro-ecosystem
112 Riti Chatterjee 2018 Prof.S.K.Acharya Occupational hazards and operating agro-ecosystem: the health and ecological dynamics of farm women
111 Debdyuti Talukdar 2018 Prof.S.K.Acharya Mango cultivation in Malda, West Bengal: The functions of productivity and entrepreneurship
110 Suman Garai 2018 Prof. A.K. Bandyopadhyay Identification of different traditional technology and its application in Agriculture and allied sector in some selected areas of West Bengal
109 Madhurima Maity 2018 Prof. D.Basu Consumer’s awareness and opinion towards food adulteration in selected urban and rural areas of West Bengal
108 Suhita Mondal 2018 Prof. A. Biswas Tuberose (Polianthes tuberose): Production, productivity and entrepreneurship in Haringhata block, West Bengal
107 Souradeep Chatterjee 2018

Prof. S.Mondal

A study on farmers’ knowledge on system of rice intensification (SRI) and problems of cultivation of SRI in Birbhum district of West Bengal
106 Surojit Gorain 2018 Prof. S.Mondal Study of farmers’ practice in peri-urban area of Burdwan district
105 Ushia Rai 2018

Prof. S.Mondal

Knowledge – Practice gap and varietal preferential pattern of large Cardamom (Amomum subulatum Roxb.) growers in Kalimpong district of West Bengal
104 Saikat Das 2018 Prof.S.K.Acharya Farm energy metabolism and management: Farmers’ perception and reality
103 Subhodip Mitra 2018 Prof.S.K.Acharya Arsenic contamination in water and its impact on rural people: The perceptual and empirical analysis

Umul Hansda

2018 Dr. T. K. Mondal Participation of farm women in activities and decision making processes related to paddy cultivation in Nadia district of West Bengal
101 Arijit Saha       2018 Dr. T. K. Mondal Study on the use of harmful chemicals to enhance market values of vegetables
100 Utpal Das   2018 Dr. G. Mazumder Dimension of self-help group:An inevitable companion of the rural people in some part of Sundarban West Bengal
90 Depayan De Halder    2018 Dr. G. Mazumder Value chain analysis of Marigold in two selected areas of West Bengal     
89 Nasim Ahmed 2018 Dr. G. Mazumder  Problems and prospects of Guava (Psidium guajava L) growers in some selected areas of Baruipur, South 24 Parganas
88 Baidya Sneha Akhil 2018 Dr. T. K. Mondal An analysis of livelihood status of farmers in some villages of West Bengal
87 Anannya Chakraborty 2017 Prof.S.K.Acharya Sociology of Monsoon: The Changing Pattern and Its Impact
86 Abhisek Guin 2017 Prof. A.K. Bandyopadhyay Attitude of farmers toward adoption of sri(system of rice Intesification) in some selected areas of burdwan district, West bengal
85 Ajit Kumar Mallik 2017 Prof. S. Mondal A Study on Farmers Knowledge on System of Rice Intensification (SRI) And Problems of Cultivation of SRI in Bargarh District Of Odisha
84 Chethana k 2017 Prof. S.K.Acharya Rural-Urban migration: The understanding and analysis on Socio-ecological perspectives
83 C.Yuvaraj 2017 Prof. A. Biswas Role Performance of Panchayat Raj for Development of Farming and Rural community in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh
82 Chowdhury Nazmul Haque 2017 Prof. A.K. Bandyopadhyay Study on different factors responsible for adoption of gobindabhog variety of rice in some selected areas of burdwan district, west bengal
81 Devamitra Tarafdar 2017 Dr. G. Mazumder A study on indigenous pest and disease management practices followed by the farmers of Jorhat district of Assam
80 Khaidem Nirja 2017 Prof. S.Mondal A Study on Agro-Economic, Socio-Personal Characteristics, Knowledge and Preferences of Fish Farmers in Manipur
79 Komal Rani 2017 Dr. T. K. Mondal A study conducted on farmer’s perception on the usage of chemicals in agriculture in some areas in Jharkhand
78 Pratick mondal 2017 Prof. D. Basu Consumers’ and retailers’ preference towards some important fruits of west bengal
77 Samarpan Chakraborty 2017 Prof. S.K.Acharya Disillusionment, Chaos And Entropy : The Paradigm Shift In Farmer’s Psyche
76 Swarup Pal 2017 Prof. A. Biswas Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA): Estimation and Analysis of Impact, Performance and Constraints
75 Sanjeev kumar 2017 Dr. TapanKumar Mandal Impact of Women Empowerment through Panchayti Raj institution in Darbhanga Disrtict of Bihar
74 Subhajit Roy 2017 Dr. G. Mazumder Dimensions of MGNREGA and its impact on rural livelihood in Haringhata Block, West Bengal
73 Shuvadwip Ray 2017 Prof. M.M.Adhikary Chemical load in agriculture, environment and rural health status
72 Arindam Ghosh 2016 Prof. J.K. Das People’s perception on waste management and its scope for usage in Agriculture.
71 Dibyendu Pal 2016 Dr. G. Mazumder Assessment of sustainable livelihood dynamics among livestock rearers in some parts of Burdwan district.
70 Dinesh Das Kaibartya 2016 Prof. S. Mondal Evaluation of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act implemented through Gram Panchayat in some areas of Burdwan district in West Bengal.
69 Gourab Mondal 2016 Prof. A. Biswas Pulse Cultivation and Enterprises: The Perception analysis on Economical-Ecological-Environmental Impact.
68 Haobijam James Watt 2016 Dr. T. K. MOndal Socio-Economic analysis of paddy-cum-fish cultivation in low lying paddy fields of Manipur.
67 Jeshan Elliot Rai 2016 Prof. J.K. Das Problem and prospects of Ginger and large Cardamom in the district of Darjeeling, West Bengal.
66 Palve Gajanand 2016 Prof. A.K. Bandyopadhyay Study on differential adoption behaviour of trained and general farmers in some adopted villages of K.V.K. system in respect to socio – economic ,socio- psychological and extension communication variables,
65 Sayan Biswas 2016 Prof. A. Biswas The nature and level of vegetables entrepreneurship: The farmers’ perception and socialisation.
64 Swarna sekhear Kumar 2016 Prof. D. Basu Value chain management of Mango in West Bengal.
63 Soutak Tarafder 2016 Prof. D. Basu Understanding adoption and discontinuance of technology – An in- depth study of public extension programme.
62 Saikat Saha 2016 Prof. M.M. Adhikary Impact of chemical pesticides on environment – A case study.
61 Sanjoy Debnath 2016 Prof. J.K. Das Farmers perception of climate change and its impact on Agriculture.
60 Somedatta Sarkar 2015 Dr. T.K. Mondal Work involvement and decision making of farm women – A study in Nadia district of West Bengal.
59 Shraddha Bhattacharjee 2015 Prof. J.K. Das Assessment of livelihood pattern for sustainable development of forest fringe area people in Alipurduar and Bankura districts of West Bengal.
58 Sourav Paria 2015 Prof. J.K. Das Role of flower enterprises in generating income, yield and livelihood in some villages of East Midnapore District.
57 Sankhyashree Roy 2015 Prof. M.M. Adhikary Studies on Tribal livelihood generation through integrated farming system approach in Tripura.
56 Topi Riba 2015 Prof. A.K. Bandyopadhyay Sources of farm information in relation to adoption of rice production technology in some selected areas of Arunachal Pradesh.
55 Akash Saha 2015 Prof. M.M. Adhikary Determining the differentials and determinants of migration process in the rural areas of West Bengal.
54 Atanu Biswas 2015 Prof. M.M. Adhikary Evaluating the livelihood pattern and its determinants of Toto Tribes in West Bengal.
53 Ankita Chakraborty 2015 Dr. S. Mondal Socio-psychological attributes and training needs of Pineapple growers in some areas of Darjeeling district.
52 Binoy Tripura 2015 Dr. S. Mondal A comparative study on socio-economic status and agricultural operation between Jhumias and Non-Jhumias in Tripura.
51 Deepak Hembram 2015 Prof. A.K. Bandyopadhyay Problems and prospects of MGNREGA implemented through gram panchayat in some selected areas of Paschim Medinipur district in West Bengal.
50 Meena Pradhan 2015 Dr. T.K. Mondal Estimation of present status, prospect and constraint of organic farming in some areas of North Sikkim : An empirical and perceptual analysis.
49 Mayuri Sing Sardar 2015 Prof. D. Basu Understanding the changing scenario of agriculture in Nadia district of West Bengal through GIS.
48 Norden Lepcha 2015 Prof. A.K. Bandyopadhyay Literacy and adoption of scientific farm innovations in some selected regions of Kalimpong.
47 Ranendu Malakar 2015 Prof. S.K. Acharjee Levels of entrepreneurship of farmers: An ecological and economical analysis.
46 Anamika Guha 2014 Dr. G. Mazumder Role of MGNREGA in sustainable environment management : A perceptual analysis.
45 Ajay Ram 2014 Dr. Amitava Biswas The economic, ecological and productivity estimation in organic farming : An Agro-Economic and techno-Managerial analysis.
44 Ankita Kundu 2014 Prof. M.M. Adhikary Impact of chemical pesticides on environment – A case study.
43 Ajmir Mondal 2014 Dr. T.K. Mandal Understanding the issues of marketing management by the vegetable growers of Nadia district.
42 Anshuman Jena 2014 Prof. S.K. Acharya Change dynamics of Social Ecology – A study on coastal ecosystem.
41 Deimayami Nongtdu 2014 Dr. Sagar Mondal Study on commercial spice cultivators in Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya.
40 Hridayananda Das 2014 Dr. Sagar Mondal Study on vegetable growers in Jorhat district of Assam.
39 Kabita Mondal 2014 Prof. S.K. Acharya Social ecology and energy consumption pattern in farm metabolism.
36 Lawanrisha Lyngdoh 2014 Prof. J.K. Das Altitude Agriculture : A new dimension in Agricultural Extension.
37 Manjima Mandal 2014 Prof. A.K. Bandyopadhyay Study network of sustainable livelihood information of Women in a selected village of Nadia district.
36 Moumita Gupta 2014 Dr. Amitava Biswas Estimation and delineation of income, productivity and livelihood of Bamboo (Bambusa spp.) enterprise from a score of Agro-economic, Socio-personal and management variables.
35 Shukla Mallick 2014 Dr. D. Basu Communication network of sustainable livelihood information of Women in a selected village of Nadia district.
34 Sourav Haldar 2014 Dr. D. Basu Understanding communication network of rural people in a selected village of Bankura district.
33 Tanusree Dutta 2014 Dr. T.K. Mandal Comparative livelihood analysis of flower cultivation with a special emphasis on value chain management in Purba Medinipur district.
32 Barna Bikash Sarkar 2013 Dr. T.K. Mondal Role of Farmers’ club in Mitigating the Problems of the Farming Community in Nadia District of West Bengal.
31 Lewotki Rangad 2013 Dr. S. Mondal Farmers’ and Scientists’ perception about the effect of climate change on agriculture.
30 Subhadip Das 2013 Prof. S.K. Acharya Enterprise Ecology in Agribusiness; the Concept and Performances.
29 Avishedk Saha 2013 Dr. T.K. Mondal A study on Farmers’ Perception about the role of Agri-Input dealers in delivering extension advisory services in some selected areas of Nadia District of West Bengal.
28 Moitrayee Sarkar 2013 Prof. M.M. Adhikary Analysis of Innovation Process relating to Guava and Ber cultivation in selected villages of West Bengal.
27 Gulzar Ahmad Khan 2013 Prof. S.K. Acharya Energy Consumption Pattern in Social Ecology: Extension Implication and Dictum.
26 Anup Sarkar 2013 Prof. S.K. Acharya Social Metabolism in Extension Science: The Perception and Analysis.
25 Pritha Majumder 2013 Prof. J.K. Das Transforming occupation and occupational migration in rural areas – A study conducted in some villages of West Bengal.
24 Avijit Mondal 2013 Dr. Amitava Biswas Socialization on scented Rice enterprise : The level of dynamics
23 Suman Biswas 2013 Dr. G. Mazumder A study on Socio-Economic characteristics of Farmers and their opinion towards adoption of system of Rice intensification technology in some selected areas of Hooghly District.
22 Pantha Biswas 2013 Dr. Amitava Biswas An evaluative study on significance of institutional training for an On-Going research in sustainable rural livelihood security under National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP).
21 Tapas Kumar Mondal 2013 Prof. J.K. Das Farmers’ Perception on the usage of chemicals in Agriculture : A study conducted in some selected areas of West Bengal.
20 Balkho R. Marak 2013 Prof. A.K. Bandyopadhyay Socio-Economic and Psychological characteristics of Tribal Community and Adoption of Pineapple production Technology.
19 Bhargab Baruah 2013 Dr. Bebabrata Basu Use of participatory tools for analyzing innovation decision process.
18 Murter Kakki 2013 Dr. Bebabrata Basu Value chain management of Mandarin in Arunachal Pradesh.
17 Abhigail Mukkachi D. Shira 2012 Dr. T. K. Mondal Exploration and Documentation of Traditional Agricultural Knowledge system in Meghalaya.
16 Deepa Roy 2012 Prof. A.K. Bandyopadhyay Identification of technological Gap in Pineapple cultivation in some selected areas of West Bengal .
15 Enakshi Biswas. 2012 Dr. S. Mondal Evaluation of the performance of self help group with gender dimension .
14 Kharendra Reang 2012 Dr. A. Biswas Socialization of Rubber enterprise : A multifactorial study.
13 Karma Peden Kaleon 2012 Prof. S. K. Acharjee People’s perception of climate change in a typical hill ecosystem .
12 Mark Haominthan Lhungdim 2012 Prof. M.M. Adhikary Ethnopedological knowledge of farmers for decision support system.
11 Mithilesh Kumar 2012 Dr. A. Biswas The change dynamics of rural livelihood : A rural system approach.
10 Pinki Lama 2012 Dr. G. Mazumder Women’s participation in frontier livelihood option of livestock rearing in some parts of Nadia District .
9 Rupashree Senapati 2012 Dr. S. Mondal “Farmers”- scientist perception on climate change : A study conducted in Orissa
8 Rajita Roy 2012 Prof. A.K. Bandyopadhyay Attitude of farmers towards adoption of aromatic rice in some selected areas of West Bengal.
7 Rajdipta Biswas 2012 Prof. M.M. Adhikary Farmers’ classification and validation of participatory farming situation identification;: Case of boro rice cultivation in selected areas of West Bengal .
6 Ratnamala Thokchom 2012 Dr. G. Mazumder Differential socialization of fish enterprise: agro economic socio personal Perception.
5 Sneha Bera 2012 Prof. S. K. Acharjee The change dynamics on social ecology of tea garden.
4 Sanchayeeta Misra. 2012 Prof. M.M. Adhikary Perception of farmer about the issues of persuasive Extension.
3 Subhajit Mondal 2012 Prof. J. K. Das Role of MGNREGA on rural empowerment: A study in some selected areas of West Bengal.
2 Tanusree Laskar 2012 Prof. J. K. Das Empowering farm women through income and livelihood generation: A multifactor perception.
1 Tanmoy Sarkar 2012 Dr. T. K. Mondal Identification and assessment perception level on climate change and its impact on farming community.

Research Scholars of Ph.D. Students: 2012-2019

Sl.No. Name Year of passing Supervisor Area of Research
25 Deimayami Nongtdu 2019 Prof. Sagar Mondal Assessment of Technology Adoption by the Farmers and Strategies for Agricultural Development in Meghalaya
24 Shraddha Bhattacharjee 2019 Prof. J.K.Das Farmers’ perception on climate change and its effect on Agriculture and food security
23 Lokesh Kumar Tinde 2019 Prof. S.K.Acharya Farm energy balance and management: The socio-ecological, economic and environment analysis.
22 Mrinmoy Kanti Roy 2019 Prof. D.Basu Assessment of readability in Bengali language for promotion of Agricultural Education
21 Sankhyashree Roy 2019 Prof. S.K.Acharya Entrepreneurial Communication: The process, factors and impact in Agriculture and allied sectors of selected blocks of Tripura and West Bengal
20 Abhishek Ghosh 2018 Prof. A.K.bandyopadhyay A study on the adoption of farm innovations disseminated through the KVKs of Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya
19 Deepa Roy 2018 Prof. A.K.bandyopadhyay Assessment of training needs and designing strategy for increasing Pineapple productivity in Darjeeling district of West Bengal
18 Moumita Gupta 2018 Prof. S.K.Acharya Paradigm shift of small and marginal farmers from conventional conservation practices to stewardship: The perception and possibilities
17 Mangaal Lairenlakpam 2018 Prof. J.K.Das Impact of development programmes on rural community in some selected districts of Manipur
16 Jayasree Datta 2018 Prof. J.K.Das Empowerment of Rural Women through Entrepreneurship Development
15 Sneha Bera 2017 Prof. S.K.Acharya Enterprise ecology framework (EES) in some marginal holdings in Agriculture- A bench marking approach towards sustainable energy use production and livelihood
14 Anil Paswan 2017 Prof. D.Basu Understanding diffusion of agricultural technology through social network analysis
13 Balkho R Marak 2017 Prof. A.K.bandyopadhyay Extent of technological gap and its relationship with some Agro-Economic, Socio-Psychological and extension communication characteristics of Pineapple growers in Meghalaya
12 Guneshori Maisnam 2017 Prof. S.Mondal Development management by gram panchayat organization: A study conducted in two district of Manipur
11 Rituraj Darnal 2017 Dr. T.K.Mondal Agricultural credit utilization and repayment behaviour of farmers in some hill areas of West Bengal
10 Ratnamala Thokcham 2016 Dr. G.Mazumder  Sustainable livelihood generation through fishery and allied enterprise management in Manipur 
9 Dharmendra Debbarma 2015 Dr. Amit Roy  Factors contributing to the adoption behavior of farmers in system of Rice intensification (SRI) 
8 Panchabhai Swapnil Nilkanth 2015 Dr. T.K.Mondal  Impact of climate change on sustainable livelihood generation through Rice production management in some selected area of Bhandara district in Maharashtra 
7 Lima N Sangma 2014 Prof. J.K.Das   Assessment of Training needs and designing strategy for increasing Pineapple productivity and other major crops in Meghalaya through National Horticulture Mission / Technology Mission
6 Narendra Kumar Sharma 2014  Prof. S.K.Acharya Social Entropy and the Process of Technology Socialization in Extension Science (Vol. I & II) 
5 C.Victoria Devi 2014  Prof. M.M.Adhkary Altitude Extension: The Concept, Approach and Dynamics 
4 Sophie Lalnunpuii 2014 Prof. J.K.Das   A study on intercultural Micro Communication pattern in hill ecosystem for livelihood generation, food security and Agricultural Development
3 Mairembam Deepa Devi 2013  Prof. S.Mondal A Study on Fishermen and their perceptions on conservation and Management of Loktak Lake in Manipur 
2 Bidhan Chandra Mondal 2012 Dr. M.M. Adhikary  User Perspective and adoption behaviour of Neem based pesticides (NSKE) in some selected areas of west Bengal. 
1 Loukhan Devarani 2012 Prof. A.K.bandyopadhyay  Assessment of Gender disaggregated knowledge skill and Training Need of Rice Growers in selected area of Manipur